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Thank you for helping physical therapists grow and become better clinicians!

One thing that has come up when talking to PTs is frustration of not having a central place to see what courses are coming to their area, when, and compare them to other courses. Mostly because they’re only familiar with a few names and don’t check back on the websites of their favorite education providers frequently enough. We’ve found this creates geographic based treatment styles as newer courses have a hard time getting their information out into the world. This website helps get your course in front of a broader audience of interested PTs. 

If you host a course that is approved for CEUs in your state and want to see your course listed here please send us an email and we will gladly put your course on our website.

Q. Why is my course listed on your website?

A. You provide quality education to physical therapists state and nationwide. We want physical therapists to take your course to continue to improve their clinical skills!

Q. How do you get your course listed?
A. Send us an email! We are happy to add your course to the site as long as it is approved for CEUs in the state that you are hosting it in.
Q. Why are you doing this?
A. As PTs we were frustrated with trying to find courses that were both interesting to us clinically and that were close to our homes. We would have multiple tabs open trying to figure out what course was coming to our area and when and trying to balance that with our other busy personal and professional duties. We would find out about something interesting too late because we either didn’t know about them or didn’t check their website frequently enough. 
Q. There are ads on some course listings and not on others - how do I remove ads?
A. Great question! While having your course listed on the site is a service to both PTs and educators, we need to pay the bills too! There’s a small fee to upgrade your listing to both include more information about your course and to remove any advertisements!