Physical Therapy is Not a One-way Street

The hallmark of NAIOMT is clinical reasoning, which includes a thorough evaluation and treating the whole patient. This comprehensive assessment will lead to applying an appropriate treatment with the understanding that each individual’s response may be impacted by idiosyncratic health determinants (underlying pathology, overall health, stress, body type, etc.). That being said, the healing process follows a predictable timetable and a NAIOMT PT will provide strategies that will create an optimal environment for healing.

This may be a local treatment, for example, transverse friction massage, which will promote circulation and healing. Or mobilizing a hypomobile joint. (The silent culprit that can be mobilized decreasing the stress on an inflamed joint in the same kinetic chain.)

Due to the emphasis NAIOMT places on reasoning, a patient’s response to treatment: better, worse or no change, will lead to modifications in the modality used. A new hypothesis will be generated according to this response and the plan of care will be modified and matched to the functional goals of the patient through neuromuscular re-education.

Physical therapy is not a one-way street and the combination of clinical reasoning with continuous assessment and communication with the patient is necessary to obtain an optimal outcome.

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