Institute of Manual And Manipulative Therapy

The Institute of Manual and Manipulative Therapy aims to be the premier provider of spinal manipulation courses and thrust joint manipulation education. Each of our spinal manipulation courses are taught by certified practitioners who are experts in their field, guiding each participant toward mastery that they can take into their own practices.

We offer four thrust joint manipulation courses (including two on spinal manipulation) and includes a certification exam. Our thrust manipulation courses break down each technique to show proper form and method. When components of the movements are broken down and then brought together under the watchful guidance of a trained instructor, participants learn faster and retain more information because each movement has meaning.

Taking spinal manipulation courses and/or getting certified in thrust joint manipulation helps you provide better care to your patients so they can enjoy better outcomes. Advertising your certification can help you set your practice apart from your competitors in an increasingly competitive market.

CERT. TJM® | Program Curriculum

The Certification in Thrust Joint Manipulation (Cert. TJM) credential designates the recipient as a specialist in performing safe, effective thrust joint manipulation for the entire skeleton. Candidates for the credential must successfully complete the following curriculum*:

TJM Part 1: Thrust Joint Manipulation to the Spinal Column

  • 13 Spinal Manipulation Procedures from Occipito-atlantal to Sacroiliac Articulations
  • Background of TJM
  • Guidelines for Safe Practice
  • Basic Review of Evidence for Spinal Disorders

TJM Part 2: Thrust Joint Manipulation to the Spinal Column – Advanced

  • Review of TJM Part 1 Procedures and Didactic Material
  • 22 Additional Spinal Manipulation Procedures for Entire Spinal Column including Sacrococcygeal Articulation
  • Mechanisms of Benefit for TJM
  • Safety/Efficacy of TJM for Select Neuromusculoskeletal Conditions

TJM Part 3: Thrust Joint Manipulation to the TMJ, Anterior Rib, and Extremity

  • 31 Procedures to All Remaining Diarthrodial and Select Synarthrodial Joints
  • Background of Non-Spinal TJM
  • Guidelines for Use of Non-Spinal TJM
  • Efficacy of Spinal and Non-Spinal TJM for Upper and Lower Quarter Neuromusculoskeletal Conditions

TJM Part 4: Certification in Thrust Joint Manipulation (Cert. TJM)

  • Review of All Techniques and Didactic Information
  • Comprehensive Practical and Written Examination

*Although it is recommended to take the courses in sequential order, this is not mandatory. The only exception is that TJM Part 4 must be taken after the successful completion of the other three courses. However, a course participant wishing to take Parts 2 or 3 before Part 1 must sign up for Part 1 concurrently.

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