Latest Past Courses

Clinical Management of the Fitness Athlete

Vigor Ground Fitness 332 Burnet Ave., Renton

This-two day course is designed to educate participants on proper technique of the fundamental movements in Fitness Athlete programming. Learn coaching, analysis, and breakdowns of the squat, deadlift, push, pull, and basic olympic lifts. Through the use of multiple models the instructors will cover each movement beginning with proper performance and then highlighting commonly seen […]


DN-2 Dry Needling for Lumbopelvic & Lower Extremity Conditions: an Evidence-Based Approach

Miami, FL Miami

No prerequisites are needed for this three-day 27-hour dry needling course; however, registrants must be a licensed PT (or 3rd year DPT student), ATC, DC, MD, DO, NP, PA, OT, or acupuncturist in their respective state or country. Certification in Dry Needling┬« (Cert. DN) will be awarded upon successful completion (i.e. written and practical examination) […]


SMT-2 Cervical, Thoracic Dysfunction, and Cervicogenic Headaches Diagnosis & Management with HVLAT & Exercise

Atlanta, GA Atlanta

SMT-2 is a two-day (15 contact hours) course with an emphasis on upper cervical, mid-cervical and upper thoracic spine dysfunction, as it relates to cervicogenic headaches, whiplash associated disorders, and idiopathic neck pain diagnosis and management. Advanced HVLA thrust manipulation techniques for the occipito-atlantal (C0/1), atlanto-axial (C1/2), C2/3 articulations (in supine and sitting positions) along […]