Myopain Seminars

Myopain Seminars Changes the Way You Look at Pain

Myopain Seminars’ curriculum is developed by international leaders in dry needling and manual trigger point therapy. Our courses are a great way to bring a unique and innovative treatment option to your patients. Completing our course programs elevates your practice and expands your clinician’s toolbox to encompass a wide range of therapies that can effectively eliminate patient pain.

Intuitive & Easy Pathway to Certification

Take our classes on consecutive weekends or spaced out at your convenience. We also offer online webinars so you can fulfill every credit required by your local physical therapy board/association. Myopain Seminars is the only provider you’ll need to attain your CMTPT credential. We’ll help you every step of the way so you leave the classroom with a comprehensive and well-rounded education. Making the switch to Myopain is easy, too. Just tell us which provider you’re coming from and we’ll take 50% off the price of your first course.

Unmatched Instruction & Presentation

Other dry needling course providers say they offer hands-on and engaging classes, but then enroll you in a course with one instructor and 20-30 students. Every Myopain Seminars dry needling class will have a guaranteed 10-1 student-to-instructor ratio. You’ll receive hands-on experience and 1-to-1 time with our renowned and published instructors, some of whom even contributed to the textbooks you’ll read. This is a benefit that’s unmatched in the industry and will ensure you achieve mastery at the end of your course program.

Clean & Modern Facilities

Every Myopain Seminars hub across the country and worldwide has passed our strict qualification process to ensure consistent, top-quality education, regardless of the location. By attending a Myopain Seminars course, you’re guaranteed to experience state-of-the-art facilities that encourage interactive and engaged learning.

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